We may be a small community, but sharing our experience and knowledge is a key part of how we support each other. Here are some products and services that CDG UK families have recommended to us:

Kidz to Adultz

Disabled Living have organised a ‘Kidz to Adultz’ event since 2001. The free exhibitions are dedicated to children and young adults up to the age of 25 with disabilities and additional needs and are a one stop shop for the most up to date advice and information on mobility, funding, seating, beds, communication, sensory, transition, education, housing, employment, accessible vehicles, transport, style, sports, leisure and more.  

The In Car Safety Centre

“The In Car Safety Centre were excellent at ensuring that our child had the correct specialist car seat, as he needs a 5-point harness still due to his central hypotonia. Ash was our contact at In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes and she was really helpful.  She advised us to apply to Newlife to request funding towards the car seat (was over £2k !!!!)  We had to pay 20% of the cost of the seat as the charity cannot pass this equipment on to anyone else.” Chris, 2018

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