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The purpose of this form is:
* to collect information on the increasing number of CDG patients in the UK
* to assist with CDG UK’s communication with patients, their families and their doctors
* using the information to make contact with medical professionals who are not fully aware of CDG to spread
  awareness to ensure that when medical professionals are providing new families with the diagnosis they can
  provide up to date information about CDG and how to find support from charities such as ourselves.

The more information we have about all the families and patients living with CDG in the UK, the more we can support our community by providing tailored educational support, wellbeing support, new information about research and development etc.

All information provided will be kept secure and in line with GDPR. No information will be shared with 3rd parties, including doctors or researchers, without your prior consent in writing.

The length of time needed to fill in the form is approximately 10 minutes.

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The Team at CDG UK

Video made by Alwin and Harry, 6th form students supporting CDG UK

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