Finnan’s Story

At 5 months, when Finnan clearly wasn’t making any attempt to roll over, and didn’t seem to be able to see very far, we made an early appointment to see the Health Visitor for his 6 month review.

From there, he was referred to the local hospital and then to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where at 12 months he was diagnosed with CDG type 1a.

Very soon after, his life became filled with appointments and therapists of all kinds.

When he was three, he was lucky enough to get him a place in an outstanding local special school. Since then he has grown into the amazing little boy that we see today. He sits independently on a bench during circle time, he is able to move himself from lying down to sitting, and, most excitingly, he has just started walking at school with the aid of a walker. Finnan has also developed in leaps and bounds cognitively too. Recently, his vocabulary has developed very quickly and he has started to put words together to make meaning. He remembers stories from books and can count and add. He also thinks naughtiness is very funny and his best friends tend to be the naughty ones! 

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